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Top tips to identify and care for Type 3 Hair
Type 3 curls are the most common curl texture. Learn how to recognize it, care for it and enhance this pattern.
The Truth about Gel Cast: Why Crunchy Curls are NOT Bad
Nobody likes crunchy curls, but that's the key to prevent frizz & help your style last. Did you know that feeling is only temporary?
Top tips to identify and care for Type 4 Hair
Type 4 coils are the tightest curl texture. Learn how to recognize it, care for it and enhance this pattern.
Top tips to identify and care for Type 2 Hair
Type 2 waves are the loosest curl texture. Learn how to recognize it, care for it and enhance this pattern.
What's Your Curly Hair Type?
Are you wavy, curly or coily? Understanding what type of curls you have is the first step on your journey to embrace your natural hair.
How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?
Is washing your hair every day bad? What about just once a month? Everything depends on your hair type and lifestyle!
The Ultimate Wavy Hair Guide
Wavy hair is the loosest of the curl types. It is often treated just like straight hair that misbehaves, but we're here to change this! 
The Ultimate Curly Hair Guide
Curly hair is the most variable of the curl types. It is particularly prone to frizz but can be defined following a few tips and tricks.
The Ultimate Coily Hair Guide
Coily hair is the tightest of the curl types. It can come in very tight coils, a z-shaped pattern or a mixture of the two.
Everything you Need to Know about Hair Porosity
Hair porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb & hold water. We guide you through the 3 main types & explain how you can test &...
Low Porosity Hair: Characteristics & How to Care for it
Discover what low porosity hair is, how you can identify it, & the best ways to care for this hair type. Our ultimate guide walks you...
Everything you Need to Know about Medium Porosity Hair
What is medium porosity hair, do you have it, & which products are best to care for this hair type? Our master guide tells all.
Everything you Need to Know About High Porosity Hair
We expertly explain what it is, tell you how to test for it, as well as share essential haircare tips on managing this hair type.
Protein Moisture Balance 101
Your protein moisture balance can have a big impact on how your hair behaves. Ensuring yours is in check will help you achieve your hair ...
What to do if you’re in Protein Overload
Protein overload can cause hair to become brittle & dull. Understand the signs & symptoms, & how you can fix your hair overlo...
What to Do if you’re in Moisture Overload
Moisture overload can cause hair to feel mushy, limp, & curls struggle to hold shape. Understand tell-tale signs & see how you ca...
How Safe is Fragrance in Hair Products?
Can fragrances in hair care products affect the skin & scalp? See management tips & how to choose your next products if you have ...
5 Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Your Hair
An essential oil with versatile purposes & boasting benefits for hair & scalp. Let Curlsmith showcase its prowess.
2 min
Apple Cider Vinegar: is it really good for your scalp?
Apple Cider Vinegar is a popular DIY treatment that the curly community can't seem to do without. But is it really as safe as it seems?
Rice Water for Hair: Benefits & How to Use
Rice water for hair boasts benefits. Discover whether it’s right for your hair type & how it could help you achieve your hair goals...
Which Vitamins are Good for Hair?
Vitamins are essential for healthy hair. Discover which vitamins you need to achieve gorgeous locks & how you can easily incorporate ...
Should You Change to Sulfate Free Shampoo?
In order to have healthy locks, you must care for your hair correctly. Discover the benefits you could have by going sulfate free.
Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Hair?
Considered a wonder ingredient, see why coconut oil is so good for your hair. From tackling dryness & breakage to adding shine. Explo...
The 13 Worst Curly Hair Sins
There is an endless list of dos and don'ts in the curly girl handbook, an some fringes of the community can make you feel that if you com...
Curlsmith is Redefining Professional
Inspired by a LinkedIn post, we have teamed up with curlfriends across different industries to change how we view curly hair in the work...
How To Care For 4C Hair
Looking after 4C hair doesn't have to be complicated. Discover our expert's top tips to embrace the most delicate hair texture!
Meet Curlsmith's new Senior Hair Stylist!
After 4 years in the business of helping people feeling comfortable with their natural hair, we are thrilled to announce that our family ...
The Curlsmith Story
Discover where our award-winning curly hair brand started, and why it's loved by thousands of curlies all across the world.
Hair Oil 101: Explore Curlsmith’s Best
Best Hair Oil for Curly Hair Hair oil is a great hair care product that suits all whether you have straight hair, waves, curls or coils....
What's the right way to use hair oils?
Is it better to use oils on dry or wet hair? As a leave-in or rinse-out product? Explore 4 ways to add them to your routine.
5 Benefits of Using Hair Oils in your Curly Routine
Hair oil is vital for curl health & appearance. Explore the benefits different oils can bring to your routine based on your needs.
How to Choose the Best Hair Oil for your Curl Type
Not all hair oils are the same. Depending on their properties, they may suit certain hair types and provide different benefits.
Before you buy another hair supplement - read this.
Do you really need hair supplements, or is it all just a hype? Learn the truth about healthy hair nutrition from a licensed trichologist.
Co-Wash vs Shampoo: What’s Best For Curls?
Shampoos & co-washes are both cleansers. But which one is best for curls & which actually cleanses your hair more?
Step-by-Step Guide to Co-Washing
Co-washing has surged in popularity in recent years, but there is a lot of misinformation online. How do you do it properly?
How To Use Conditioner: An Expert Guide
What is the difference between rinse-out, leave-in and deep conditioner? How do you add them to your routine? Read on to find out.
What Is Clarifying Shampoo?
Clarifying shampoo is the best way to remove build up. Discover exactly what this shampoo is & the wonders it can do for your hair.
What is & How To Use Leave In Conditioner
Leave in conditioner is a brilliant moisturising product for dry hair. Our ultimate guide walks you through what it is, its benefits, &am...
How To Strengthen & Repair Hair Bonds
Hair bonds are what makes up your hair’s structure and texture. They also determine the hair's strength, so how do you repair them when t...
What is Co-Wash?
Co-washing is a popular cleansing method for curly hair types. But what is a co-wash? Find out now in our ultimate guide!
What is & How To Deep Condition Hair
Deep conditioning restores softness & shine. Explore what it is, how to do it, & the essential benefits it provides to your hair.
Is Oiling Your Scalp Actually Good For You?
For many of us, oiling the scalp has been an age-old hair care practice passed down from our parents, who learnt from their parents, and ...
A trichologist guide to Dry Scalp
Scalp dryness can be triggered by a range of factors. It is a common scalp condition that can be easily prevented and treated at home.
Flaky Scalp: Trichologist tips on what it is and how to fix it
Flaky scalp is one of the more common scalp conditions, but it shouldn’t be confused with dandruff. How are they different?
Why Is My Scalp Itchy? Trichologist Explains it All
Asking yourself why you have such an itchy scalp? Get expert trichologist advice on causes & how to keep the dreaded itch at bay.
7 Trichologist tips for a healthy scalp
Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. See exactly what it takes to achieve it with our expert written tips.
7 Causes of Itchy Scalp and How to Remedy at Home
Itchy scalp is a common condition. Explore causes, home treatments, & expert tips on how to prevent the itch.
How to Remove Scalp Build Up
Found yourself wondering why you have dull, limp hair? You may be suffering from build up! Find out how to remove scalp build up, to have...
How to Thoroughly Exfoliate Your Scalp at Home
Exfoliating your scalp is vital in maintaining a healthy environment for your hair follicles to grow in. Discover the easy ways to exfoli...
Sustainable Shopping Tips
Here are some top tips for being a greener curlfriend and reduce your environmental impact.
Curlsmith's Planet Commitments
As part of our drive to become a better business, Curlsmith has been actively looking for ways to measure and reduce our environmental im...
Curlsmith's Community Commitments
As part of our drive to become a better business, Curlsmith has been actively looking for ways to give back to our community.
Curlsmith's People Commitments
Curlsmith started life as an online community, and people are still at the heart of our business.
Curlsmith's Journey to Carbon Neutrality
Curlsmith is committed to reducing our environmental impact – and BIG changes to our products and supply chain are already in motion. 
Curlsmith Commitment to tackle Hygiene Poverty
We are proud to announce our charitable partnership with two incredible Hygiene Poverty Charities – Project Beauty Share and The Hygiene ...
Becoming a Better Business
Nobody’s perfect, but we can all do better. Learn what we are doing to invest in becoming a more sustainable business for People, Planet ...
Benefits of Satin Pillowcase For Curly Hair
What are the benefits of using a satin pillowcase? Using a satin pillowcase to protect your hair at night has been a long-standing hot t...
5 Curl Care Tips for Hot & Humid Summer Months
HOW TO CARE FOR CURLY HAIR DURING SUMMER Curls need protection throughout the summer and environmental aggressors such as UV rays, humidi...
How to Get Shiny Hair
Curly hair tends to be less shiny naturally compared to straight hair due to the texture dispersing light as it reflects. There are sever...
Top Causes of Dull Hair & How to Fix
Are your curls looking dull? If your tresses are looking less vibrant than normal you may be wondering where the shine has gone. There ar...
Signs of Damaged Hair
Think you may have damaged hair & not sure what to do? Let Curlsmith show you the signs of & how to repair damaged hair. It's nev...
Why is My Hair so Dry?
Suffering from dry hair & not sure why? We explain all, from symptoms, common causes, & how to fix. Achieve your hair goals with ...
Oily Hair Guide: Signs, Causes, & Fixes
Oily hair can make locks look dull & lifeless. Discover the causes of oily hair now, & how you can put a stop to greasy locks!
How to Repair Damaged Hair
From heat to bleach, we put our hair through a lot which can cause damage. Follow our tips on how to repair damaged hair to achieve the t...
How to Stop Hair Breakage
Hair breakage can cause a lot of stress. With our ultimate guide you can learn how to prevent breakage from happening. Leaving you with g...